Introducing Curvismo™

Curvismo™ is experimentation with play on color, form and imagery, starting with the curve. “The definition of a curve* according to Wikipedia, is a topological space which is locally homeomorphic to a line. . . Roughly speaking, a topological space is a geometric object, and the homeomorphism is a continuous stretching and bending of the object into a new shape. . . Topological spaces are mathematical structures that allow the formal definition of concepts such as convergence, connectedness, and continuity. . .” 
Ricardo has worked tenaciously to introduce this up and coming style which is fast becoming a movement, with a following of artists making “Curvismo” paintings. A swirl of color, a force of movement that even fellow artists do not realize they are painting in the curvistic style until they come across Ricardo’s website. Ricardo truly is THE Master of Curvismo™!

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